16 March 10:00 - 17:00

Tishinka exhibition centre,
Address: Moscow, Tishinskaya sq., 1, building 1.
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For International MICE Professionals, Incentive and Business Travel providers interested in participation in the exhibition...

For Russian and the CIS MICE experts in business and incentive tourism, corporate representatives and private buyers interested in MICE products...

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Moscow International MICE Forum 2013
Entrepreneur's Day

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On March 18, 2013 the 9th Moscow International MICE Forum was held in the exhibition complex Tishinka. Hundreds of specific companies, organising all kinds of specialised business and sport events as well as those working in hospitality business, corporate tourism, gathered in the conveniently located venue. The event was organised by the exhibition company aiGroup.

The show was exceptionally specialised and geared only towards MICE professionals. Thus such topics as doing business in a highly competitive market, raising the quality of services across the board and how to attract clientele were covered at the seminars where market leaders shared their successful experience.

The MICE industry is on the rise all over the world and especially in Russia. This is a direct result of globalisation, the crumbling of iron and bamboo curtains, more open borders, simplification of visa regimes and the unprecedented attraction for all kinds of tourism, including business or corporate tourism which is the target of the MICE industry. All segments were presented at the exhibition: conferences, seminars, sport events, incentive tours to encourage the best employees, various team-building events and training sessions, cruises on board ocean liners and pleasure boat and yacht rides, recreation at beach, ski and golf resorts...

As regards the destinations, various countries, regions and cities were present at the MICE Forum - in total more than 60 different destinations! Whilst Russian and former republics were represented, the majority of participants represented destinations around the world.

The companies participating in the show appreciated the superb opportunity for an exchange of opinions, establishing contacts, partnership ties and the attraction of clients. "We earlier participated in such events organized by other exhibition companies, -- shares Evgeny Yegorov, Managing Director Korporative.ru. -- Now we've decided to come here. General impressions are very positive. People are coming. Our main goal is more orders and new partnerships. We can organise events for any amount of people wherever our clients prefer. This can be Incentive tours, tutorial sessions, staying at hotels or living in villas, pleasure boat rides, etc. Our company has been 12 years on the market. We survived the hardest phase of the crisis and now we are stronger than ever. When the crisis dealt a blow in 2008, we lost almost 80% of the market. Now the situation has leveled off and our business has reached the pre-crisis peak parameters. Among the most popular destinations among the Moscow-based companies are Turkey, Egypt and Thailand."

The Moscow International MICE Forum's specific specialisation was much appreciated by Igor Prokopov, Deputy Director for Events at Grinn: "This is my second time at the Mice Forum. Last year I liked it here as a visitor. For me the show is interesting it is specifically designed for the target audience. It's good that it is possible to establish new connections here. Talking about technicalities, I personally liked the fact that one can unload our brochures and promotion materials here without any problems. The organisers of other shows charge you for unloading your material. We present a mixed-use tourist property in the city of Orel and can provide a full range of services by West-European quality standards. The complex features a convention hall, business and VIP rooms in hotels, tennis courts, spa center, restaurants, cafes, bowling, swimming pools, saunas... The interest of clients in our offer is on the rise as Orel is not far away from Moscow and the prices are way lower. We've already exchanged contacts with several potential partners. This is a great advantage and a real meaning of this show".

The show was also highly appreciated by Tomasz Mlacki, Director, Select Poland: "I've participated in this kind of exhibitions in many countries, but I am here in Moscow for the first time. The MICE Forum is excellently organized and we've met a good number of potential clients, which is not too bad for our debut. Our firm specialises in seminars, conferences, forums and special tours of Poland. I believe the optimal choice for Russians in Poland is the capital city of Warsaw, which is interesting in many respects - developed infrastructure, excellent hotels and restaurants. The prices in Poland are approximately half of those in Germany, although the quality of service is comparable. So Poland is a good place to be in; come and you won't be disappointed. We can offer you the best price to quality ratio!".

Effectiveness and results were certainly very important for the participants of the show. Says Maya Pankova, Director, MTD Club & Company: "In Moscow we've participated six-seven times in similar events, but the first time in this show organised by the aiGroup. I liked everything. We've collected a whole pack of contacts from potential clients. Our company offers a very broad range of services, including business tours over Western Europe, recreation at ski and golf resorts, organisation of conferences in any part of the world for any number of participants. Our business is rapidly expanding and we take part in various forums to increase the number of clients and orders. We had many requests and immediately after the show we'll mail to all potential consumers of our services the detailed description of our offers. The show was very fruitful and we definitely plan to be here next year. That the event is held on a Monday is highly justified as it is meant for business people who are sure to come in the quest of new contacts".

Ester Salai, Senior Manager AIM Group International characterised Tishinka as a good venue for expert meetings: "We are participating for the second time and this is a great opportunity for professionals to meet and discuss future business. The event was organized at a very high level and we have already established ties with many potential clients".

Vladimir Kourov, Managing Director ACRIS Group, hopes for positive results from participation in the show: "We know the MICE Forum and have already explored this event as an exhibitor. We represent Siberia, Altai and Khakassia. We see keen and constantly growing interest in these regions and at this show this interest translated to a number of potential partners who came up to our stand. We've been working in this sphere since 1991 and have rich experience in this kind of business. Originally our company was founded as an organiser of Siberian tours for our foreign guests. We can organise any corporate events for our clients. In the last 7-8 years corporate tourism has been steadily growing along with related sectors. It should be noted that Siberia has been changing for the better very fast. The service quality is high and the prices are moderate.

The opinion of Vera Chang, Manager China Travel Service, is quite characteristic: "I am here at the MICE Forum for the second time. Earlier I happened to be at similar shows held in London, Istanbul, Dubai and other places. The level of preparation and organisation of MICE Forum 2013 is high and the impressions are positive. This year we've met even more potential clients than last year. Many wish to establish relations with our company. We organise corporate business tours over China at average prices. Russian citizens are highly interested in Hong Kong. In this city full of energy and dynamism you can find a bizarre mixture of the West and the East. Hong Kong is a colorful and fast developing megacity loved by everyone and worthy of being seen. I think we'll participate in the next show as well".

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